FuelMaster Installer Recertification

This FuelMaster Recertification Course is for existing FuelMaster Authorized Service Representatives (ASR), and extends ASR certification by 3 years, providing continuing education on Syntech's existing fuel management systems as well as upcoming products and third-party devices.

Upon course registration, students will have 30 days to complete the course and final exam, which must be passed with a 75% or greater in order to receive recertification. This course is self-paced and will take approximately 4 hours to complete. You will be allowed 1 retake if the final exam is not passed successfully. If you have not accessed the course or passed the final exam within 30 days, you will be required to re-enroll in the course. The one time re-enrollment fee is $49.50 and it is good for one week in the same calendar year. Please contact the training department for the re-enrollment code.
  • Welcome
  • Pre-Course Survey
  • Course Introduction
  • Section 1 - FuelMaster Software
  • SQL Server Installation
  • FuelMaster Plus Client Software Installation
  • FuelMaster Plus Database Creation
  • SQL Configuration & Permissions
  • FuelMaster Download Service
  • SECTION 2 - Hardware and Third Party Products
  • FuelMaster Hardware - Self-Study
  • FuelMaster Third Party Products
  • Section 3 - Troubleshooting
  • Supervisor Key Operations
  • Direct Connect Configuration and Troubleshooting
  • USB Encoder Installation
  • Test Your Troubleshooting Knowledge
  • Section 4 - Policies & Procedures
  • ATP/Initialization Forms and Installation Procedures
  • FuelMaster Warranty & Maintenance
  • Intro to AIM
  • Section 6 - FMLive Preview
  • Introduction to FMLive
  • Final Exam, Certification and Survey
  • FuelMaster Installer Recertification Survey
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certification with a duration: 3 years